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7 small business digital marketing tips every solopreneur should know

By Brand Candy


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Set up successful business digital marketing

In essence, a solopreneur is a person who sets up and runs a business on their own. If you’re solo run, or run a small team, and need digital marketing advice, then this article is for you.

Marketing, the solopreneur way

There may be sceptics out there that are unsure of the success of solopreneurship. But, the truth is that over the past few years, small businesses are on the rise — and succeeding. Many of today’s aspiring professionals are ditching the typical work scene for solopreneurship.

Solopreneurs aim to collaborate with other like-minded businesses. This enables them to run their businesses seamlessly, without losing autonomy.

“With great ideas come great responsibility”

Solopreneurs are known for innovation and creativity — AMAZING! However, before kicking off a marketing plan, we would like to share the Brand Candy insights that will have you smiling in the digital marketing bliss.

1. Set up your small business digital marketing goals

Every journey has a destination. And in business, that destination can be likened to your business goals. Without a thought-out strategy, how do you map out where your brand is going and how it should get there?

Goals keep you accountable, but also aware of what is doing well and what isn’t. Keep your brand’s goals realistic and attainable. You can implement SMART goals into your business to do so.

SMART goals are:

  • Specific — Vague goals are not on the agenda. Ensure everything you do is done with a specific purpose. This will keep your marketing goals aligned with your overall business goals.
  • Measurable — Tracking your progress is important, especially when it comes to achieving your goals. This means your goal should be able to be measured.
  • Achievable — Aiming high is great, but make sure that the goals you’re setting are, in fact, within your reach as a solopreneur.
  • Relevant — Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Think about your goal and how it is crucial to the betterment of your overall business operation.
  • Timely — Your goals will need to be actioned in a certain time frame. This will also help you review how much you could achieve in the given time even if your goals are not fully accomplished.
using social media as a small business owner

2. Win over customers with a website

What do we do when we want to research a brand? Well, we Google them. Visitors trust a well-designed website better. And if that website clearly explains what you do, a user is more likely to buy in.

Social networks link to them, traditional advertisements lead you to them, and you can showcase your work all in one place. Having a great website is an absolute necessity for your solopreneur marketing strategy.

Website building, not your forte? Talk to us about building a responsive website for you.

3. Don’t forget your SEO

Building a website with an impressive design and layout is not enough to get seen by customers. The chances are that there are thousands of websites in your industry alone. If your website is not optimised for search engines, your site will not come up on top when your target audience searches for it. SEO is a brilliant option for your digital marketing strategy.

4. Claim your social media handles

As soon as you know your brand name, create accounts on all relevant social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, etc.

These no-cost networks allow you to engage with your target audiences and showcase your content. Content can include written posts, photos and easily digestible videos.

For your handles, you should always use your brand name, or as close to it as possible. This is so that you’re easy to find and memorable enough that people won’t forget — or click on the incorrect brand, eek!

Don’t forget to link your social profiles to your website.

*Top tip: Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Getting your brand out there on ALL social media platforms, may not be the best option for you as a one-man or one-woman business. Start with the platforms you know your customers are using, and gradually grow from there.

Instagram planning and content creation

5. Get into content marketing

So, what the heck is content marketing and why is it so necessary these days for solopreneur businesses and digital marketing?

Content marketing is a type of digital marketing. Here, you’ll create valuable content for your target audience with a clear call to action.

You can use a variety of formats for online content. Written content, audio, video, images, infographics, etc are all great elements used in content marketing. Content marketing means that you use informative and educational content to promote your brand.

The idea is that other people will find your content. They’ll read, watch, or listen to it. They’ll learn from it. This helps them get to know you. More importantly, it helps to build trust. People want to do business with people that they are familiar with, like, and trust. Content marketing can help you build that relationship.

When you share information with your audience you establish a connection. It begins with the first email, blog post, or social media update. Each piece of content builds on the last.

So, now you know a little more about content marketing, but you’re still feeling lost? Let’s help you draw up a marketing plan.

6. Ignite creativity with video content

When we are creating content for small business digital marketing, it is invaluable to put out video content on social media. Videos can be in the form of short Instagram Reels or TikToks or more lengthy videos on YouTube.

Create video content for your business that matches your product or service messaging. Spend some time on the social platforms your competitors are using, brainstorm ideas and notice what is trending with users.

7. Build an email list for your small business

Small business owners and solopreneurs will find it useful to build an email subscriber list.

Starting from scratch can make this seem daunting. To make your sign-up button a little more appealing, we recommend starting by offering some form of free content. This free content can be in the form of free nuggets of information, digital products or brand giveaways, etc – so long as they require users to enter their email to receive their free item.

That email then goes onto your subscriber list. From there, you can build an established audience of people who want to hear from you – and cue the hot leads!

Solopreneur social media tips

Why we’re passionate about small business digital marketing

Brand Candy started with two small business owners who realised they shared a mission. These creative marketers aimed to offer clients the opportunity to tick off a host of graphic design; traditional, digital and social media marketing; and website design and development services, all under one roof. The union was formalised as Brand Candy’s creative paradise in March 2016 — proof that small businesses can grow successfully, even into something bigger!