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7 Tips on How to Establish an Engaging Email List

claire smolas

By Claire Smolas


Read Time: 2 Minutes

Is your business struggling to build an engaged email list? If so, take a look at these seven tips on how to build an engaging email list the correct way.

Opt-in marketing

Opt-in also known as permission-based marketing is when a subscriber requests to be on your email list. It is advised to ensure that every subscriber on your email list has subscribed by choice. A purchased list will not benefit your business in any way.

Sign up forms are a must

A signup form is a simple way to grow your email list. This digital marketing tactic should be placed on your website and social media channels. A signup form attracts new subscribers and creates brand engagement.

Collect the right data

Collecting the right data is crucial, however, many marketers struggle due to incomplete data. This may be avoided by keeping your signup form short with one to three pieces of information.

Gated content is necessary

Gated content is a top lead generating marketing strategy that collects data. It is important to consider what assets you will gate at what stage of the funnel and how that data will be used to grow your list.

Measuring the health of your list

Measuring your email list health is important and consists of engagement metrics such as open, click-to-open, and conversion rates. These are all key indicators of engagement. It is also of great significance to be aware of where your most engaged subscribers are generated from. For example, do they come from your website signup form, social media or another marketing channel?

Constantly cleanse your list

It is important to have a healthy and engaged email list. Cleanse your list by analysing the inactive subscribers who have not clicked on a link in the last three months. How do you win these subscribers back? You can create a reactivation campaign with different content that may interest them.

Valuable content should be provided to your subscribers

Marketing should have a balance of promotional offers and value-added content such as email newsletters, blogs, social media etc. Content marketing is a current digital marketing trend and therefore is important for your business to get it right.