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Embedding a YouTube video in your post or page

By Brand Candy


Read Time: 2 Minutes

Are you wanting to embed a YouTube video into your latest page or post to help liven it up a little more? Using WordPress as your preferred CMS makes it quick and simple to embed your YouTube video.

The quick and easy way to embedding your YouTube video

1. Find the video on YouTube that you wish to embed and copy the URL. This can either be the URL directly from the address bar or the URL from clicking share at the bottom of the video. Both options are displayed below.

Copy the URL from your Browser TAB.
Clicking the share link below the video will give you another URL that you can use.

2. Once you have copied the URL to your Post or Page, be sure to paste the link on its own line. Make sure it doesn’t paste as a hyperlink and use the full link you copied and not a shortened link in order for the video the embed correctly.


If pasted correctly you will see the video preview

3. Click the Publish / Update button to complete the embed. You can test your video by viewing the page or post normally from the front end of the site.

You have now embedded a YouTube video to your site.

Follow the same steps for embedding a Vimeo video to your site. For a further in-depth guide to embedding your YouTube video, see Embedding with a Shortcode on WordPress.