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For the Love of Words: Write Kick-Ass Content

By Lauren Stead


Read Time: 2 Minutes

The month of love is upon us. The world has turned into Cupid’s playground. Roses in full bloom, chocolate hearts, red and pink everywhere you look. Romance is dripping from the chandeliers. For a copywriter, there’s nothing quite as charming as a cleverly constructed sentence. Witty wordplay, unforgettable headlines – the dance steps to our tango. We eat, sleep, and breathe words. It’s an everlasting love affair. There’s a power in words. They can lift your brand. A brand that posts killer content will keep their audience engaged and invested. Keep your audience weak at the knees with irresistible copy. Follow these three tips:

Be Clear

The headline is just as important as your content. A reader will decide whether to read further (or move on) based on your headline. A good headline will arouse curiosity. It needs to be clear and transparent. Never deceive your audience with headlines that are unrelated to your content. Readers don’t want to be tricked into clicking on your posts. They will lose respect for your content and stop engaging. Your headline needs to be an invitation the reader can’t possibly refuse.

Be Concise

The human population as a whole tends to have a very short attention span. Content that waffles on, winding in and out of metaphors, never getting to the point, will lose the audience’s interest. Think short and simple. If your audience can’t grasp your content within a few seconds they will look elsewhere. Try to avoid long, convoluted sentences that are hard to follow. Keep them short and make your point quickly and clearly. If your content is straightforward and informative, your audience will continue reading.

Be Compelling

This is a big one. Content needs to be interesting and engaging to captivate your audience’s attention. Speak to your target audience. Be interesting. Be persuasive. Leave your audience with the desire to keep reading. Your content must be original and thought-provoking. Remember, your audience will decide whether or not to read your content within the first few seconds. Make sure your first couple of sentences grab their attention. Aim to write content that adds value and speaks directly to your audience’s needs and wants.

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