Frankie Pappas

Case Study

Frankie Pappas

Case Study

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Frankie Pappas: Setting the foundation

Frankie Pappas is a renowned creative team known for designing innovative, unique and rather astounding living spaces around South Africa. We were tasked with promoting their internationally recognised guest house, ‘House of the Tall Chimneys’, which was nominated for a 2020 Dwell Design Award.

The blueprints of success

Client: Frankie Pappas

Objective: Obtain votes for the ‘Dwelling of the Year’ 2020 Dwell Design Award

What we did: Social media ads and a website pop-up

Platforms: Instagram, website

Results: Frankie Pappas’ Instagram profile received 1,000+ visitors and 2,300+ engagements, and their website received 650 unique visits. They were ultimately awarded  “Community Pick” by Dwell.

Look, link, like — turning visits into votes

Instagram users who engaged with the Frankie Pappas Instagram profile ad were directed to the Instagram bio with a click through to LinkTree. Users selected the link to the Frankie Pappas website, and were invited to vote for ‘House of the Tall Chimneys’ on the Dwell webpage.


We also developed a ‘vote now’ pop-up on the Frankie Pappas website to complete the user journey. Through the Instagram traffic ad, users were directed to the Frankie Pappas website where they were greeted by the pop-up inviting them to vote for ‘House of the Tall Chimneys’. Clicking the ‘vote now’ button directed users to the Dwell website, where they could cast their vote.

Crowned the winners — of awards and campaigns

Apart from winning Dwell design awards, Frankie Pappas gained a massive increase in website traffic – 11% in total with 44% organic visits and a bounce rate of 45%. This indicates that viewers were finding the website and staying on the landing page.

Winning over awards and new fans

Through our campaign, Frankie Pappas won not one Dwell award, but two — as well as a whole host of adoring fans. Of their 2,300 Instagram engagements, they received clicks, likes, comments, and saves. People were interacting with their content and bookmarking inspiring work. Their LinkTree views increased by 150% and international views and clicks by 236%. In addition to this, they also received six emails. Altogether, our local Frankie Pappas team received the recognition they worked hard to achieve, as well as international traction on their social media and website platforms – an even bigger win!

Frankie Pappas Design Awards Campaign