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Do you have a website? Then you need Google ads

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By Brand Candy


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Google Ads is a fantastic tool that we truly believe is an asset to any marketing strategy. We have endeavoured to explain Google Ads benefits to you below, in the best possible way.

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads are Google’s version of online advertising. It is here that we create and manage ads for your business that will be displayed on search networks. Your budget is variable and flexible. Depending on the competition of the keyword/s, your text advert will show up in the search results in the advert boxes at the top of the page. You will require a budget to use this marketing option and you should be aware that this method can result in a trial and error approach when you first start out.

google ads benefits

Google Ads Benefits:

1. Small initial investment

One of the best features of Google Ads is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, and you can decide exactly how much you want to spend beforehand. For example, you can start with a small budget and as your website starts getting more clicks (making more money), you can increase your daily or monthly budget.

2. Defining the budget

Google Ads works on the ‘pay per click’ method, which may sound dangerous, but you can use your daily budget to limit your daily spending. For example, you can start with a daily budget of R90 or you can start on R5000, the sky’s the limit!

3. A huge number of Google searches

As you probably know, Google is the biggest and most widely used search engine that exists. While this sounds impressive, 2.3 million searches every second sounds even more impressive. With that volume, you can be sure that using Ads will benefit your business.

4. Stop, start, pause, test

Before actually starting with Google Ads, you can run a test campaign to pinpoint any changes that could be made to improve your results. Google Ads also allows you to pause your campaign as you please, which stops it from being promoted on Google. You can resume it when you want to and it will carry on as if you never paused.

5. Specific location targeting

Google has really taken small business marketing into consideration with Ads. For each ad, you can target specific locations such as cities, towns or countries, or even a radius around a specific location. Ads also allow you to target people who are searching for pages about or in your targeted location.

google ads benefits

Need someone to do your Google Ads for you? You’ve come to the right place. Get a quote and we’ll start your Ads campaign faster than you can say ‘Jack Robinson’.