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Marketing brand aid kits

Marketing brand aid kits

Marketing brand aid kits

Marketing brand aid kits

Get 30% off life-saving marketing packages

Is your brand on its last legs, wobbling its way towards an early demise? Don’t give up – pump life back into it with our ‘first aid’ marketing packages, designed to revive your brand and give it a new lease on life. From logo design and marketing strategy to social media training and hashtag research, we’ve got you covered. (And for a limited time only, for 30% less!)

We’re offering three ‘first aid’ marketing kits:

Quick-Fix Kit: Put a ‘brand-aid’ on your strategy

With marketing, time is always of the essence. If your marketing strategy needs a speedy solution, grab this first aid kit with both hands.

Package includes:

  • Two-hour strategy session
  • Google My Business mop-up
  • Social media look and feel
  • Hashtag research (for your social media accounts)

Cost: R3,920.00 (normally R5,600.00) excluding VAT

Starter Kit: Live your best brand life

Whether you’re launching a startup or reinventing yourself in the market, this package has everything you need to kick off your brand in style.

Package includes:

  • Logo design
  • Social media look and feel
  • Business card design

Cost: R9,187.00 (normally R13,125.00) excluding VAT

Revival Kit: Bring your brand back to life

Leaving your brand dormant on social media is never a good idea. Just ask the trolls. If your social pages need resurrection, this is your package.

Package includes:

  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Social media look and feel, plus ten ready-to-use posts
  • Social media account mop-up, including cover image
  • One-hour social media training

Cost: R13,230.00 (normally R18,900.00) excluding VAT

Want more information about our ‘first aid’ marketing packages? Or just want to say hi? Get in touch with the Brand Candy tribe.