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Productivity in 2017

By Janet Hancock


Read Time: 3 Minutes

The year is back in full swing! The excitement of the new year is slowly fading, and resolutions are starting to take a back seat. Our busy lives are starting to become overwhelming, once again. Our lives are filled with to-do lists and errands we have to run, so much so that it makes it difficult to stay focused. So we have compiled a short list of tips to help boost your productivity, which will leave some room for you to get in some much-needed me-time.

Tip #1 Silence Your Phone

Muting your beloved phone and keeping it further away from you allows you to take a break from unnecessary distractions. This is a simple way to keep you focused on the task at hand. Staying focused means you are most likely to finish your tasks with some speed, giving you extra time to spend on the things you enjoy. We all need a break from Facebook every now and then, anyway.

Tip #2 Clean Up Your Desk And Your Desktop

Working in an organised environment means you are able to clear your mind of clutter. Fewer things to look at means fewer distractions while you are trying to reach your deadlines. Use letter trays, shelves and drawers to carefully store items in categories and sections. Use folders on your desktop for convenience, keeping things neatly organised. Be sure that your files are named correctly, so you know where to find your documents when you need them.

Tip #3 Listen To Ambient Music

A soft background noise is what you should aim for while working hard. Ambient noise is the creative sweet spot and easily allows you to get your brain juices flowing. It’s a great way of staying relaxed yet energetically focused. Create a playlist of your favourite music with fewer lyrics for fewer distractions, and enjoy the perfect harmony that comes after. There are also a number of online sites that provide soothing background noises for the perfect boost of productivity.

Tip #4 Write It down

Writing a task down allows it to become better embedded in our memory, as well as sets our intentions for the day. Make schedules for yourself. Use these, as well as smaller deadlines, to keep yourself on track with your work. Keeping a list is also a great way of staying organised and calm. You will love the feeling of ticking tasks off of your list, making you feel like a productive member of society! Prioritise the important tasks to keep yourself on your toes.

Tip #5 Bribe Yourself With A Reward

If all else fails, rewarding yourself after tasks is a great way to stay motivated and focused. Use small bribes to keep you going. This can be a reward as small as taking a break and eating lunch after you finish a certain task you have set out to accomplish. Smaller tasks and smaller rewards are key. Just remember to not take yourself too seriously, and be forgiving if you take a bit longer than you hoped for.

Tip #6 The Un-Do List

At Brand Candy, we propose taking a step in the opposite direction and doing something a little different this year. Kick your productivity off by making an Un-Do list – a place to list the things you want to stop letting into your life. This can be anything from bad habits to insecurities. It allows you to stop “doing” and start “being”. This is the booster you need to declutter your life and you’re overscheduled to-do list.

Tip #7 Use Google Calendar To Enhance Your Productivity

Google has so many tools and apps that can help you simplify your life as much as possible. Google Calendar is one of them! This is a fun tool to use that lets you colour code, make multiple calendars – which you can view together or separate – set reminders and connect to any device. You can even share your calendar with your colleagues or family, to keep them up-to-date with what you’ve got going on. It is easy to use and portable, which makes it the perfect calendar for anyone constantly on the go.