Digital Marketing

SEO audit, keyword research, implementation and Google Analytics

By Brand Candy

8th Apr 2016

If you’re looking to improve your website’s performance in search engine rankings, we can assist!

First step is an SEO audit. Our audit will take a look at each page and see how the content on that page is performing. It would be helpful at this stage to be added as a WordPress user to your site for us to have a good look at your site’s setup.

Alongside the audit, we will do some keyword research. Keyword research will give us some suggestions in terms of what keywords have the biggest search volumes on Google, and with competition that isn’t too hectic (or expensive) – and we will combine this work with our audit findings to give you specific suggestions per page.

SEO implementation can be done by yourselves, alternatively, if you don’t have capacity, we can quote to do this for you – once we know how big the scope of work is.

Ideally, you should keep an eye on keyword search volumes on a regular basis. So, to start off with, we suggest optimising all the pages on your site, and then look at “topping up” on a monthly basis.

For most of our clients we average about an hour per month, unless there have been any major changes to the site’s content since our previous month’s check. During our monthly work, we check each page’s optimisation score and do keyword research around any pages which aren’t performing well. If we are looking after a client’s AdWords account, the work can be minimised as we use keyword suggestions from AdWords to assist in our SEO optimisation.

Data around the traffic to your site can be tracked directly in Google Analytics, however the Google interface is pretty yucky and not terribly user-friendly. We suggest a plugin for your site which places a simple graph on your website’s dashboard in WordPress so you can have a quick overview of traffic to your site over a period. Helpful when you are running promotions and campaigns – you can see what effects these have had on visitors to your site.