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Campaign plan

Set the marketing nerds free!

marketing campaign

Campaign plan development

Set the marketing nerds free!​

marketing campaign

Making media magic

If the marketing strategy is the spell, the marketing campaign is the magic (and what nerd doesn’t love magic?). From big media to online advertising and emailers, the magic you make can transform your business from toad to prince in no time.

Let's do this!

No campaign, no gain

A marketing campaign is an online or print promotion that helps a brand achieve its business goals. The promotion can take place across a number of platforms, including television, radio, large-scale print media, and through-the-line digital media.

Our marketing campaign service:

Once we’ve developed a marketing strategy with you, we move on to the campaign phase. And this is a step-by-step breakdown of how we go about it:  

Promotional mix: We first determine the marketing communication methods for the campaign (for example, direct marketing, digital marketing, advertising, promotions, PR etc.).

Resource and budget requirements: Next, we outline the funding and other resources needed (including existing inhouse team members and partner agencies) to execute the plan, and demonstrate how the plan fits within the available budget.

Tactics: We then identify the specific marketing communication tools and tactics we will use, and determine the target audience for each.

Timing: Next, we clarify when each tactical step should take place in order to meet the campaign objectives. We also determine the start and end dates for the campaign.

Ownership: Once the timing aspect has been planned out, we identify which team or team member is responsible for executing each step.

Measurement: Lastly, we measure campaign success by selecting metrics to track, and explain how the data will be captured.