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Marketing Strategy

Map your route through the jungle


Marketing strategy development

Map your route through the jungle


To hit your target, you first need to see it

Without a strategy, marketing is just shooting slingshots in the dark. You need that carefully thought out plan so you can see where you’re shooting, and get a clearer shot at your goal.

So what exactly is a

marketing strategy?

In a nutshell, a marketing strategy is an iterative, innovative and adjustable plan of action, specifically designed to reach the objectives put in place by a brand, with the ultimate goal of solving brand-related challenges and problems. For example, a company may lack brand awareness, which affects its product sales. The company then has the objective to increase brand awareness, in order to increase product sales. So in turn, the marketing strategy would be geared around getting the brand’s name out there – the success of which would be determined by an increase in product sales. Make sense?

Enter Brand Candy

Once your goals have been determined (book a consult if you need help with this), you pass us the arrow, and we help you line up your target with a kick-ass marketing strategy.

What you can expect from our marketing service:

  • Customer persona creation, specific to your offering.
  • Identification of tactics suited to targeting these customers.
  • Outline of proposed campaigns and 6-month goals for each.
  • Selection of relevant measurement tools and reporting structures.