Google My Business

Get on Google's speed dial

Google My Business

Get on Google's speed dial

Drive traffic to your site

Visibility is integral to the success of any business. If potential customers can’t find you, you may as well not exist. Okay, that was a tad melodramatic, but it’s true. For your business to succeed, it has to be easy to find. While back in the day this meant placing your details in the yellow pages, the digital age requires a different approach. Now, if you want people to find you, you have to be on Google. More specifically, you have to stand out on Google. And, how do you make yourself seen on Google? The answer, of course, is by using Google My Business.

The best real estate on Google

That money can’t buy

Google My Business is an important way to attract new customers to your business through Google search and Maps. It allows you some fantastic real estate in Google search results, with a photo, map, reviews summary (adds valuable “social proof”), buttons to your website, and physical directions – all on the right-hand side of a Google search. Right there, at the top, where everyone can see it. If that doesn’t create a great first impression, we don’t know what does. 

The best part, besides the free use, is a listing on Google My Business is an excellent way to boost your local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy. (And if you’ve peeked at our SEO services, you’ll know we’re passionate about increasing brands’ organic rankings.) What’s great about this, is that more people are actively seeking your product or service offering will find their way to you. That’s high-quality leads delivered to your doorstep. Who wouldn’t want that?

Next steps

Please note that Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) is a separate online representation of your business. It is not controlled by your website – the only link between the two is when you input your website address into your Google My Business profile.

You should always keep your Google My Business profile up to date, and reply to all your reviews. Relevant content and active engagement will only strengthen your credibility and market authority.

If you’d like to speak to us about setting up Google My Business or optimising your pages, contact us today, or if you’d like to do it yourself, read our blog post on “How to set up Google My Business“.