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Website audits

Let your competitors feel the quake

Website audits

Let your competitors feel the quake

Is your website performing?

If you don’t know the answer to that question, a website analysis is for you. 

As websites form such a critical part of digital marketing strategies, we encourage our clients to have their website audited objectively – at least once a year. The two main objectives of getting a website analysis are to check that your site conforms to web best practices, and performs well in Google search engine results.

We're not auditing your finances!

What a website audit looks like:

Step one

We will assess the technical framework of your site, its search engine “friendliness”, and take a look at each page to see how the content on that page performs. Over and above all of the infrastructure inspections, we’ll also ensure that it’s a great site for your users to browse and find all the content they need.  

Step two

Keyword research will give us some suggestions in terms of what keywords have the biggest search volumes and competition that isn’t too hectic (or expensive) – and we will combine this work with our audit findings to give you specific suggestions per page.

Step three

Once we have done the audit and keyword research, we can make suggestions for organic and paid SEO. The nice thing about doing organic SEO is that we can choose the most expensive, highly searched keywords. If you were to do a Google Ads campaign in the future (which will get you “paid for” traffic), we will find a happy medium between high performing keywords and affordable ones. And if you’re already using Google Ads, this keyword research refresher will be useful for your existing campaigns.

The above steps form part of our website audit service itself – we don’t include any of the implementations that might need to be done. The SEO audit identifies the necessary work, which you can implement yourself, or if you don’t have the capacity, we can quote to do this for you – once we know how big the scope of work is.

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