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Google Ads reporting

Your route has been revealed!

Google Ads reporting

Your route has been revealed!

Show me the money

So your Google advertising campaign is finished, and now you’ve got a bunch of questions whizzing around your head. Which keywords triggered which ad? Which ad got the highest number of clicks? Which ad got the highest number of conversions? What is the ROI? We’re here to answer all your questions, and then some, with the help of Google Ads reporting.

By the power of Greyskull!

The power of Google Ads

It’s all well and good having the Google AdSense network as part of your digital marketing strategy. But if you can’t assess the effectiveness of your ads, how do you know if they’re worth your while? (And budget spend.) This is where Google Ads reporting and our specialised interpretation skills come in. Each month, we can take the stats from your Google Ads reports, decipher them, and explain them in a simplified manner in a compiled report that we deliver to you. Our reports will provide insight into your Google advertising campaign, revealing which ads work, and which ads don’t. This allows you to boost your digital marketing efforts tenfold. Pretty neat, right? We think so.

What you can expect from our reports:

  • Manageable information that is easy to understand, and can be used to enhance your Google advertising strategy.
  • A detailed ‘Account Performance Report’, revealing what is and isn’t working within your Google Ads account. 
  • A ‘Campaign Performance’ subsection: An in-depth look into your campaigns, focusing on click performance, top ad performance, top search queries and your top keywords.
  • Charts that serve as a visual aid to the results.

Harness decision making power with our Google advertising reports

Want to learn the strengths and weaknesses of your Google advertising campaigns? Then let us get reporting for you. We’ll share the results with you, and take the necessary action to ensure only your best ads are running going forward. Giving you ultimate bang for your buck.