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Social media ads

No more rations required

Social media ads reporting

No more rations required

Time to tally up your catch

You’ve cast your net across the jungle, and let it sit for a while. Now, once your social media advertising campaign comes to an end, it’s time to find out how many bites you got. Was the campaign a success? Did you see a positive return on investment? These are the questions we aim to answer with your social media ads report, and more. So, what can we tell you about your latest social media advertising campaign?

Reporting for duty!

The bones of your report:


We tally up the data and investigate how your ads performed for the duration of the campaign. Our investigation looks at the overall performance and audience performance. We analyse how your audience interacted with your ads, and explore the leads it generated. Looking at the campaign as a whole offers valuable insight into whether your social media advertising is on the right track. 



Besides audience performance, your report explores the relevance of your audience. Are you targeting the right people according to the parameters of your offering? Through in-depth research, we can ensure your ads get directed to the right target audience for your product. In other words, the audience most likely to result in quality leads.


Money doesn’t grow on trees. No business wants to pour their hard-earned moola into an advertising expedition that isn’t raking in the leads. Your campaign reports look at how you’re spending your money and provide suggestions on how you can optimes your budget to get the most out of your campaign for less.


Whether your goal was to boost sales or build your mailing list, your report explores the extent to which you reached your objective. Through this analysis, we can further tailor your campaigns to maximise your results over time. 

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