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Social media reporting

Your hype attracts your tribe

Social media reporting

Your hype attracts your tribe

Get the measure of your presence

To maximise your social media marketing, you need to know how your audience interacts with your campaigns. After we’ve released your social media content into the wild, we keep close tabs on its performance with social media analytics. By tracking how far and wide your posts travelled, and who they met along the way, we can keep your marketing strategy fresh and on the money.

How do I know it's working?

Reporting and analysis

Social media analytics and reporting give you an accurate breakdown of how many new likes/followers/customers you have, and an analysis on your stats to show you what has or has not been successful.

At the end of each month, we compile a comprehensive report for each of your channels, with details on everything that has taken place over the month. From this report, we are able to make informed decisions for your business going forward.

Social media analytics helps you:

Understand your audience

Through analysing your audience’s engagement, you can determine the best times to post to ensure maximum reach.

Choose the right platform

Not every social platform is suitable for every brand. By evaluating your social media analytics, you can see which platform/s works best for your brand.

Write better content

Once you know what type of content performs well, you can begin creating posts with a higher likelihood of driving positive results.

Optimise your strategy

Every strategy starts with trial and error. Understanding your report ensures you eliminate the tactics that aren’t working.