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Social media monitoring: Turning criticism into opportunity

By Elizabeth Gallias


Read Time: 2 Minutes

It’s no secret, social platforms have revolutionised the way we do business. Clients now have an insiders perspective into your business as well as a direct line to you 24/7. Social media has been an incredible marketing tool for the small business but, if not managed correctly, can also be its downfall. One of the keys to maintaining a positive online presence is dealing well with negative criticism. To do this properly, you need a social media monitoring plan, and ours is foolproof!

5 steps to make dealing with criticism on social media a breeze

1. Breathe 

Someone attacking your ‘baby’ on a social platform can really get your blood boiling. We know. It’s hard, but responding while heated, is only going to worsen the blow. The best way to confront criticism is with a cool, level head. Worried you can’t do this? Appoint (a very calm) someone as your go-to! Let them keep your responses professional and friendly without losing their composure. 

2. Respond immediately and say, “Thank you.”

Don’t let a nasty comment fester. Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away. The only way to deal with the situation is to respond promptly, otherwise the ‘social media trolls’ will jump on that negativity bandwagon and eat you for breakfast. After all, everyone loves a good moan. Your response should be, “Thank you”. Let your audience know that you appreciate their feedback and take complaints seriously. Diligent social media monitoring will ensure no unpleasant comment gets left to its own devices. 

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3. Apologise

Apologise to the person who posted the comment. Not for what you allegedly did or did not do, but for how they are feeling. Show them that you genuinely care. It’s a lot harder for someone to continue their attack on a recipient who responds so impartially.

4. Problem solve

Think of a way you could help to solve the problem your dissatisfied customer is having. Briefly explain your solution on the public forum, then take the discussion off the comment section and into a private space. More often than not, the person is overreacting and is now embarrassed or just couldn’t be bothered. Either way, by solving the problem, you could potentially gain a life long customer.

5. Summarise

Your social media monitoring duties don’t end there. Get back into those comments with a beautifully constructed, detailed account of how you swooped in and saved the day with a happy and well-managed resolution.

Got your social media monitoring under control?

Having a plan in place to deal with criticism on social platforms is the best way to put yourself in a position to bounce back quickly and easily when passionate clients or social media trolls strike. Not only will you protect your reputation, but you’ll also leave a good impression with your online community, strengthening your brand’s credibility. 

Too busy to take your social media monitoring in hand? Let us manage your social platforms for you and get more engagement through expert techniques (like using hashtags correctly). Get your online quote today or give us a call on 031 765 1421 to discuss your requirements.