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Hello, and welcome to our digital stronghold. You’re here because you’ve heeded the call to take your business to greater heights, and you’re right on time: Brand Candy is on hand to help you navigate your way to success with online marketing!

Brand Candy is a team of skilled professionals operating from the sunny east coast of South Africa, more specifically: Durban. Our services range from graphic design and corporate identity creation to website development, online marketing and social media management.

We are client-objective-obsessed, on top of digital trends, and continuously refining our practices. Our team of over 25 undead creatives understands the importance of in-depth knowledge of our clients’ goals, products and services. Our clients love our professional, quick turnaround times and the personal touch we add to each project.

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A strong brand conveys something memorable that burrows into its audience’s minds and stays there. Let’s create branding that’s truly infectious.

Your product may be delectable and your branding tasty, but without the right exposure, your audience won’t get a whiff—and they won’t bite. We are experts at getting your brand under noses.

We build websites that look good, feel good, and are so intuitive, that even a zombie could use them. Our focus? Streamlining your site to support your objectives.

Looking for sales that never die? The key is to continuously adapt your approach, mutating with the changing market and trends to keep your sales alive and kicking. Let’s get strategising.


we aren't locals only

Brand Candy has grown its reach, bringing a fresh marketing approach to our international clients. You’ll find we swiftly achieve more for less with an entire team of brains focused on your brand.

We have a saying in South Africa: “Don’t be Kak, be Cool” which loosely translates to “Don’t be bad-terrible-crap-mundane-average, be COOL”. Let’s move your brand from Kak to Cool.

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Good design

Communicating your brand doesn’t have to be through boring visuals. At Brand Candy, our design experts become an extension of your team. We collaborate closely to understand your vision, then infuse it with our expertise to create sleek, professional, and personalised designs that resonate across all platforms – social media, branding, websites, and more.

Some of our clients

In our studio, we value a meeting of the minds more than a set of monthly services. Our marketing services cover a wide range of businesses across various industries. Take a look at some of our current clients:

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In our studio, we value a meeting of the minds and in-person collaboration. We’re proudly in-office and can be found gathered around the coffee machine or enjoying lunch together at our kitchen counter when we’re not hard at work.

We are a team driven to help clients achieve their marketing goals. Brand Candy is for forward thinking businesses that want to be etched into the brains of their customers and clients.