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Looking to add influencer marketing to your mix? Brand Candy can assist you to find influencers who’s audiences match your own. By partnering with bloggers already talking to your community, your business benefits from their trust and, wait for it… influence.



  1. Finding, approaching and negotiating the best influencers for your brand
  2. Briefing the selected (and interested) influencers
  3. Setting campaign goals for both parties
  4. Campaign preparation and creative development (including necessary design and copy materials)
  5. Stipulating the campaign outline and relevant tasks
  6. Reimbursement
  7. Dos and don’ts

Why use a blogger outreach service?

Identifying suitable blogs, contacting owners, pricing a campaign, developing a campaign strategy, rolling it out, and then analysing the results takes time. A lot of time. It can also cost you a lot of money, and you’ll want to be able to measure the return on that investment. By using a professional blogger outreach service, you’ll have a campaign strategist working with you to select the ideal influencers, manage the campaign and deliver the results.

Make sure it's win/win

It’s best practice to keep the influencer front of mind when developing an influencer campaign, to be sure they can work collaboratively on it. What is the benefit for them, how would their content fit into the strategy, and what value can they bring to the campaign?

The campaign needs to be mutually beneficial for everyone involved, and there needs to be a substantial offering for an influencer from the beginning, so ensure this is developed alongside the campaign strategy. If there is nothing in it for them, then why would they want to be involved? If you wouldn’t do it for free, why would or should they?


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