Onwards And Upwards – To Creative Paradise We Go!

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Cody Green

Some of you may have heard a little bit of twittering amongst the birdies of the local grapevine over the last month. And it is now time for me to let those proverbial canaries sing! I am very proud to announce that Rubio Communications will be merging with Kablooey Studios, combining our values, expertise and services to offer our clients a more streamlined experience. As of the first of March, we will be Brand Candy design studio, and we can’t wait to continue to assist you in the great adventure of marketing your business!

As most of you know, Rubio and Kablooey have already enjoyed several years of cohabitation, and we work very closely together on many of our projects. For those of you unfamiliar with the Kablooey monsters: they are a team of hard-working, slop-wearing web designers and developers. Owners Andrew Stent and Richard Burgess are dedicated to working closely with businesses both small and large to build websites which not only look great, but also function well for the business and search engines.

From a marketing aspect, managing a digital presence has become critical for brands and a priority for Rubio clients, and CMS websites are thus a no-brainer. Having Kablooey Studios as a partner to Rubio has been hugely beneficial to our clients and I am really looking forward to having a more streamlined offering under the Brand Candy design studio banner in the future.

I am proud to call Andy and Rich friends of mine and friends of Rubio, and I am really excited for what we will be able to produce in the months and years ahead. There is much in the pipeline, but for now, this is simply an announcement of the changes ahead. Rubio clients will continue to receive the creativity and *crazy* which they are accustomed to, with the added benefit of additional services and expertise from the Kablooey team. In a nutshell, everything and nothing is changing and we are so excited to be on this journey!

More news on our merger to follow soon!

– Janet Hancock

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