Celebrating Christmas in July: Spreading the ‘Middlemas’ joy

A tale by

Cody Green

‘Tis the season and we did not need a reason to spread the joy of Middlemas. If you are wondering ‘what is Middlemas?’, then you may be in the same boat as those in desperate need of some Middlemas cheer! Middlemas, or Christmas in July, is a great excuse to get festive smack bang in the middle of the year. And that is exactly what we did: granting wishes and spreading the Middlemas joy in the upper highway area this past month.

Our elves were very busy granting marketing wishes to local businesses

christmas in july

Our Christmas in July campaign began out on the streets, giving all who drove past our Old Main Road offices a blank Middlemas postcard. We installed a giant, red postbox outside our front door and waited for the wishes to start rolling in! Brand Candy’s elves had fun collecting and reading all the marketing wishes from Santa’s post box. The excitement was overwhelming when we contacted each person to let them know they were on the ‘Nice List’ this Middlemas and that their wishes were going to come true. Don’t worry, if you missed out on your chance to get a Middlemas wish, follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with what’s happening next in the studio.

So the presents are open and it is time to see what wishes we granted

Here at Brand Candy, we love a gift that keeps on giving, and our training sessions are one of those gifts. This Middlemas we granted training sessions and courses, covering everything from social media basics to building your own WordPress website

Some of the local businesses which will be receiving in-house training or a course this Middlemas:

Need to know more information about our upcoming courses? Have a look here.

Step aside Santa, Brand Candy is giving the BEST gifts this Middlemas!

No Christmas in July is complete without dabbling in a couple of doodles. We took great joy in drawing up some custom designs for a few lucky local businesses.

Some design wishes we granted this Middlemas:

  • We thought out of the box and created a new logo and brand identity for The Herb Box. 
  • An update can refresh a business’ look and Jackie’s Beauty Clinic received a dazzling new poster.
  • Suzy Sparkles is feeling all shiny and new because they received a new logo and brand identity.
  • P.O Box Honey is all abuzz with a fully responsive splash page for their website.

If Christmas in July was a competition, then we would win the prize for being the best gift-givers! We cannot wait until next July. Remember Middlemas with Brand Candy and get your wishes in next year! Your marketing wishes could come true. If you missed out on the Middlemas madness and you just can’t wait, fill in an online quote and we will assist you with your marketing needs.

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