September 2019 Google Core Algorithm Update

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Ryan O'Neill

Google releases updates daily to improve search results. Most daily updates go unnoticed, but a significant update may be more noticeable. Several times a year Google makes significant updates to search algorithms – referred to as core algorithm updates. The update is to ensure that Google is delivering relevant and authentic content to searches. In September, Google rolled out a core algorithm update, which may have notable effects on websites. Let’s further explore in more detail.

Google Core Algorithm Update Explained

A Google core algorithm update refers to Google broadly adjusting its core search-ranking algorithm, aiming to present more useful search results to searchers. Google announces the update in advance to create awareness, as some websites may notice a drop or gain in search rankings and traffic performance. What to do if your website drops in performance? There might not be anything to fix at all. Yet, Google suggests reassessing your website content to ensure you’re offering quality content within a responsive layout.

September’s Google Core Algorithm Update

On 24 September 2019, Google announced via Twitter that a core algorithm update was live and may take a few days to be fully completed. The update didn’t have an enormous impact on websites. Algorithm trackers did, however, notice an irregular rising and falling in SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). SERP refers to all search results in response to a keyword query.

An interesting observation is that, since the update, there has been a boost for video content. What does this mean? Leading websites at position one of search results have dropped to position four, as they now lie below three video results in a carousel. This lowers the probability of a click for that result, which may impact the website’s traffic performance. After the core algorithm update, YouTube’s rise was so massive that it even overtook Wikipedia as the leading website in the entire SEO Visibility index for

As mentioned before, Google releases updates daily to continuously test and improve search algorithms. It is important to update your website on a regular basis. If you need assistance with your website updates or content development, drop us a line on 031 765 1421 or mail us at

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