Case study:

The History Channel

10 million views making history go viral


This digital campaign for The History Channel Africa shattered expectations, garnering over 10.18 million views across social media platforms. But the success goes beyond mere numbers. #MyHistoryMoments aimed to reimagine historical storytelling for a new generation, fostering engagement and diversifying its audience. The #MyHistoryMoments was a meticulously planned digital marketing campaign to amplify brand awareness, maximise campaign views and diversify audience demographics. This campaign leveraged the rich tapestry of the nation’s history, presenting diverse narratives from prominent South African figures.

The objectives

Increase Brand Awareness:

Improve visibility and engagement across digital platforms.ics across social media platforms.

Maximise campaign views:

Get as many people as possible to watch our videos and see our images online.

Audience diversification:

Expand reach to include younger, more racially diverse demographics.

The execution

Content development

The campaign developed a series of compelling historical stories from influential personalities like Yvonne Chaka Chaka and Vusi Thembekwayo. The content was formatted into: Full clips (4-5 minutes) Shorter versions for social media (1 min, 30 sec, 20 sec, 15 sec, 6 sec)


Landing page development

Designed to funnel visitors to further content and capture engagement.

Social media

Platform management

Created a cohesive visual identity for organic posts and paid ads across Meta platforms, placing emphasis on the celebrity interviews.


Content management

Served as a central repository for all video content, linked back from all platforms.

The execution


Collaboration with The Schultz Creative helped produce high-quality video episodes, ensuring the campaign’s content was both engaging and professionally presented.

The results

Recorded over a 6 week period during October and November 2023

Viewership and engagement

DSTV-I Panel

Viewership increased by 2.5 times, reaching 257,000.


Total views

Achieved over 10.18 million views across all platforms.

0 Mil


Total engagement across platforms reached 588,000 interactions.


Reach metrics

Youtube ads

Reached 2.42 million people.

0 Mil


Reached 876,000 people.



Achieved a reach of 10.29 million.

0 mil

Demographic shifts

Increased youth engagement

Significantly improved reach within the 25-34 age bracket across all platforms.

Gender diversity

Enhanced female engagement, particularly on platforms like TikTok where the female audience percentage was nearly equal to male.

Organic growth



Facebook views



+ 0