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Content marketing

Keep your map up-to-date

Content marketing

Keep your map up-to-date

Make your content count

Content marketing is, essentially, the creation of an endless flow of relevant, valuable and consistent content from the brand to its online audience. A content marketing plan is a beneficial part of your marketing strategy, as it attracts a new clientele while retaining the old, and drives them towards the completion of a certain task. For example, the task may be to like your Facebook page, or visit your website.

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A content marketing plan, in action

So now that you know a little about content marketing, here’s how it could play out for your business. Social media plans can be drawn up per month, with daily social post updates on all your platforms. You can additionally have a monthly blog release, to keep your website content fresh and current. And to top that off, send out a weekly or monthly email newsletter with newsworthy information and latest product releases and promotions. Boom. You’ve got a content marketing plan-in-action. (And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.)

We’ll draw up a marketing plan for you

If you need a hand in developing your marketing plan, take ours. It’s warm, we promise. Our team of strategists will gladly put together a fully-fledged marketing plan for your brand – one that is both iterative and innovative. And if you’re interested, we can offer your in-house marketing team a bit of training in content marketing too.

Our training programme

The “Content Marketing: Irresistible Communication” course which we run for small to medium-sized businesses, comprehensively covers the strategies required to develop and distribute excellent marketing content in the digital space.

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