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Digital marketing

Connect with your tribe

Digital marketing

Connect with your tribe

take heed: this is google territory

Search engine optimisation, social media, emailers, your website. Hello, digital marketing. When you leverage digital channels to market your brand, with the intent of reaching your audience and establishing a connection, you’ve got a digital marketing strategy. And now, more than ever, strategies using digital channels are taking the fore, as marketers have realised that when it comes to brand loyalty, connection is key. So, yes, digital marketing is really all the marketing there is.

Choose your own

digital adventure

Let everyone see you sitting atop the tallest tree

Don’t let angry idols beat you to the top of Google mountain

Map the woodland paths that need clearing

Make it your business to tell Google about your business

Google facts

The name Google was a misspelling. One story says investors misspelled the mathematical term “googol” as “google” on a check, and the spelling stuck. Another story says that a fellow student misspelled “googol” when looking for an available name for the company.