How to increase landing page conversions

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So you’ve got a goal for your marketing campaign. For example, to spread brand awareness, generate leads, promote products and services, gain valuable data about your audience, or benefit from the SEO opportunities. You also have a creative vision for its execution, involving a strategic landing page where customers are prompted to take action. But the question is, can you set this landing page up for success? Will it ultimately yield the results you’re after? Before jumping the gun with your landing page content and design, let’s explore some best practices together so you can guarantee landing page conversions. (Discover our content development services.)

5 ways to boost landing page conversions:

1. Know your audience

Before starting work on your landing page, make sure you know your target audience. Ask yourself, who will read this? What are they like? And what do I want them to do? When you know your readers well, you can reach them the way they want to be reached. And encourage them to convert to your brand. With this in mind, a good way to start your landing page is to address your reader’s intent in the opening paragraph. Whatever solution your company is providing, make sure it is upfront and clear so readers feel they have landed on the right page. 

2. Use smart headlines

We all have limited attention spans. So when your readers land on your web page, chances are they are going to skim the content, and not read it word for word. To cater for this, your landing page needs to have great headlines. Catchy and informative headlines will capture your readers’ attention and help them determine at a glance if this content is what they are looking for. If they like what they see in your headlines, they will be more likely to keep reading through your page. (Need a scribe? We’ve got you covered – explore our content development services.)

3. Provide value

At the end of the day, your readers are not on your landing page to serve your brand’s purposes. They are there for themselves. They want to learn something and benefit in some way. So be sure to always – and we mean always – provide value for the reader. And ideally above the fold so they are satisfied within seconds. Explain how your offering will help them, and share why they would want this benefit in their lives. Think lifestyle enhancements, playing to emotion. You can increase landing page conversions by getting this value across quickly and clearly.

4. Add a clear call to action

A crucial part of any marketing campaign is a call to action (CTA). After all, campaigns are usually created to get customers to do something – whether that be to purchase an item or service, fill in contact details, or follow a social media page. To get the follow-through you desire from your campaign, you need to craft a clear command and position it in a highly visible spot so readers know what to do next. ‘Find out more’, ‘fill in your deets’, and ‘place an order’ are all examples of calls to action. Simply think about what action you want your readers to take and write a CTA that will resonate with this behaviour.

5. Optimise for mobile

It’s one thing having kickass landing page content. But if your page is not functional on a cell phone, well, you’re cutting your campaign at its knees. In this day and age, most people browse the web from their personal cellular devices. And so are likely to click through to your campaign page, only to be deterred by the poor layout. To increase landing page conversions and get the most out of your campaign efforts, make sure you optimise for mobile so all readers experience your page as you intended them to. (Want to learn more about user-friendly web design? Read our article on UX design: Why convenience is key.)

We’ll get your landing page conversions soaring

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